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VALUE FOR MONEY EVER. If you disagree we will refund 50% of your fees to any reasonable
charity of your choice).
With  27 years  in the professional introduction agency business, we are in a unique position to
advise single professionals  on how to find their lifetime soulmate, or just how to be attractive to
the opposite sex.  Have you seen a really first class person with someone you are surprised they
would choose to be with?  They have the secrets of  how to attract people  - and we can teach that
We offer a range of one to one coaching with Alun Jenkins who owns The Executive Club of St
 James's and for 27 years has been  been interviewing the UK's top unattached professionals.

Level 1  A two hour, one to one session  How to attract the opposit sex without rejection, how to
get the date and how to make it a WOW date for the. Then where to meet quality single people
Cost  £225   or bring a freind and two for £295. For comments about this course which most
people find "lifechanging" see:

Level 2  a  4  to 5 hour interview, this is intense as we embark on a voyage of discovery to find out
who you really are, what you really need from life and how to set a plan to achieve it.  Everyone
finds this session of great interest and I think it fair to say many find it life changing. cost £375
Level 3  As level two but  with an option for the meeting to take place in your home for up to 6
hours with a follow up meeting a few weeks later to review how you are putting your new found
knowledge and confidence to the test. £625
The usual format of level 2/ 3 interviews are ,  we spend 1 to 2 hours talking about your childhood as this determines who you really are and why.  This will highlight fears and reasons why you may be reluctant to trust people or affect your confidence about yourself or with the opposite sex.
We will discuss how this affects you and your ability to find in-depth relationships . We discuss how you can overcome these problems, you will then be able to understand yourself and everyone around you regarding relationships.   Stage two is to understand what love is and how powerful it is, most people die without ever experiencing love don’t ever confuse infatuation or getting married as love -  they are miles apart. Love is truly wanting to put the other person first without having to think. E.G a mother would willingly sacrifice her life to save her child that’s Love and when you know your partner would also do that for you, you are in with a chance of  Love is TOTAL trust in each other that gives you an inner satisfaction unlike any other human  We then explain about ratios of males/females in your age and social group and what they require from a partner, where to meet such people, how to attract them, and how to turn that initial attraction to a long term committed relationship.
We then set out a life plan of what you want to achieve with a map and contingency plans. NOTHING (apart from good health) is more important in life than sharing it with a good partner. Put effort into it, you've probably put loads of effort into a career but very little into planning a proper  Most peole just bumble along in and out of second best  relationships eventually marrying the best that comes along. No wonder so many marriages lead to divorce and many that don't should

You may enquire about this coaching service by calling Alun Jenkins on 0207 930 5555 8am to 8pm or E:mail
DATING TIP Always call AT  LEAST  TWO  DATING AGENCIES before making an appointment. Ask how much will it cost for you to join, how many introductions are you likely to receive and what happens if you only receive 5 or less introductions in a year?  A good agency will seriously improve your chances of meeting your partner a poor one can leave you many thousands of pounds out of pocket with just a few poor introductions  to show for it. – shop around.
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